Jess McCoy

Jess McCoy vanished for 10 years and came back with a passion for voice acting. She decided to make a whole show about talking to herself. Don’t read into it.

Update: Clone Array: Voice Demo

Before Clone Array gets its dark matter engines off the void, there’s a prequel short in production called Clone Array: Voice Demo, starring a clone named Narractor. But enough about the short’s main character. Have a clip with two other clones named V10 “Vio” & N30 “Neo”! You’ll see these two again in the main series!

Talk Gooder 8561

Putting the ‘insanity’ in ‘sanity’ with a 2022 Clone Array demo trailer.

Please enjoy the sultry vocal fry of the very first work in progress (WIP) trailer for Clone Array, which is unfortunately—I TOLD you to edit that word out!—voiced entirely by Jess McCoy. Welcome to overproduced recordings, silly reverb tests, and crude music/sound design!

Nothing is canon, everything is recorded.

Clone Array?

An upcoming audio production about a clone stuck in an egg ship between Andromeda and the Milky Way! If you listened to the nonsense trailer, you’ve earned some nonsense concept art! If you haven’t, please plug your eyeballs with the provided eyeball plugs now.

I want it!

You do?! *COUGH* Uh, that is, it’s still under construction! Everything is under construction, in fact. The living room recording studio, the script, the art, this website, the whole production! It’s production-construction hahaha all these jokes and more coming… 2024 maybe? Any launch date before the canonical year the show takes place will be a win in my book! (It’s set in 8562)